Comics – a clear and fast pictorial language

Course description

The course familiarizes participants with the essence of the expression of comics. It is divided into three stages – in the first stage, the technique of creating comics from the formal procedure of making the windows and bubbles up to the examples and teaching of skills how motion, speed or sound can be depicted, and how to draw emotions such as merriment or anger, are discussed. In the second, the practical stage, the participants will be able creates their own stories according to their own scenarios and transfer the story into the language of comics - the participants will learn to use comics as a user manual (comic about a broken heart). The third part of the course is dedicated to the Japanese comic phenomenon called “manga”. The tutor will explain its development up to present day, teach the participants how to read Japanese mangas, and how it is possible to get inspired by them.


Available dates

There are no classes written up for this course at present.