Edible still life for adults

Course description

The course uses the imagination of each of us. We are constantly surrounded by many interesting things, from the most trivial to the most sophisticated items. Yet every object is a part of some structure which we can vary ad infinitum. This course also focuses on fantasy and vision and shows the participants unexpected possibilities, discovers their unconscious abilities and teaches them to see boldly and differently. For those who are also gourmets, the course offers an unusual approach to the still life whose origins we can see in the paintings of Dutch masters. Yet everything is different today, and students of the course can try new methods in how to perceive space and colour relationships, and enjoy the delicacy in several ways.

Course details

1/ rules of random and compiled still lifes
2/ various techniques of depicting a still life
3-4/ variability of vision and visual processing
5/ is everything that is beautiful also tasty?
6/ documentation and final feast


Available dates

There are no classes written up for this course at present.