Eye - painting - sketch

Course description

The painting course is based on the needs of the viewer to create an image that they have seen, but not a copy. With the help of the tutor, the participants should xxxx at their most popular work and their creator-heroes. What did these masters not manage to create? What could be “improved” in their work? The motto of the course is: paint the types of paintings you want to look at and create things that you want to use. Do exactly what you think should be done.
We live in a time when technology is developing incredible xxxx and information is priceless, and we receive increasingly less answers to an increasing number of questions. So how do you navigate in the limitless range of choices and options of visual outputs? How do you meaningfully implement your ideas when there is a general impression that everything has already been invented? How do you originally and authentically respond to a situation in which a person-artist finds themselves in the 21st century?

Course details

During 8 lessons, participants will learn with how to work with the visual legacy of our predecessors, who worked in the art world without having to necessarily orient themselves in an artistic space.
During the course they will learn to work with one of the current artistic strategy that uses a form of reinterpretation of an already-existing work of an author. Participants will learn how to creatively touch and retell a specific artistic work and to put it into a new context.
The course tutor will not emphasize only the process of creation of a work of art, but also the basic insight into major artistic trends of the 20th century.

Available dates

There are no classes written up for this course at present.