Figurative drawing according to a model

Course description

The course is about the active study of drawing to develop the drawing abilities of authors with certain artistic experience. The course focuses on the study of the human body based on a live model emphasizing proportions and mechanics of movement, and taking in account the ability to depict the human figure and objects in spatial contexts. The course lasts for one semester and it is possible to build on it via the Figurative Painting based on a Model course. It can serve as practical preparation for a public art school. Participants can bring their own work made at home during the course for consultation.

Course details

1/ study of the skull

2/ study of the skeleton

3-4/ study based on a plaster model

5-7/ study based on a live model – female figure

8-10/ study based on a live model – male figure

Available dates

There are no classes written up for this course at present.