Happiness Is Time. What about Art?

Course description

The course offers interesting discussions, including visual documentation concerning the following themes: the ABCs of contemporary art; conceptual art; between concept and form; kitsch or art? The course teaches the participants to formulate ideas, ask questions and search for answers. In the four lessons, the participants will alternately discuss and create works in various media in active cooperation with the tutor. The course is followed by four blocks of courses; however, it is also possible to attend the courses individually according to one’s choice.

Course Details

1/ Discussion including visual documentation. Formulating ideas, asking questions, searching for answers
2/ Workshop on the theme of “my other self”
Defining the theme – realization in the media of drawing, painting, photography
3/ Presentation and analysis of the individual works, team discussion
4/ Workshop – continues in a similar concept but in a different medium
Difference of form, searching for other means of expression and thematic units


Available dates

There are no classes written up for this course at present.