Painting based on photography

Course description

The course focuses on the skills that we need in order to be able to faithfully, but not necessarily realistically, convert a photo into a painting. In the recent history of visual art, the use of photography for future work is vital. During the course, participants will be familiarized with the issues of inspiration of photos in painting, but also with other specific work with photography in painting - collages. Course trainees will begin with preparatory sketches that they will gradually transform into paintings. During their work the lecturer will present to the trainees artists and works that may inspire them. He prioritizes an individual approach with the assumption that everyone will have different requirements and expectations. The primary objective of the course is to awaken in each person the need to paint regardless of the opinions of the mentor and surroundings, and to rather rely on their judgement and instinct.

Course details

1/ Preparation of the topic, searching for options, searching for interesting photographic material
2/ Sorting thoughts and photos, work on sketches
3/ Work on sketches, discussion about the size of the format, technique, etc.
4/ Work on the painting, the possibility of transferring the design to the painting, enlarging via a network
5/ Work on transferring a design
6/ Painting and corrections, demonstrations of paintings of other painters
7/ Painting and patience
8/ The skill to know when to stop working on a painting


Available dates

There are no classes written up for this course at present.