Painting - Between Matisse and Mickey Mouse

Course description

Painting can do a lot; depending on how much we dare. It can tell stories, express moods, states of mind, work with an ornament, color, form and painting in the abstract or realistic mode. We can discover many of these ideas and methods on our own. However, sometimes it is worthwhile to acquire a little inspiration, ideas and knowledge that can broaden our horizons in terms of technique, meaning, content, context and other aspects of art. Even the simplest things around us can have painting qualities. We only have to be able to see, perceive, discover and recreate them. If Andy Warhol was able to discover the Campbell Soup can and the Coca Cola bottle , the course participants can also try to discover their own interpretations of the world and look into the painting process in dialogue with the tutor. The course offers the possibility to try drawing and painting and to analyze and interpret the works made by the participants in the context of, and in confrontation with, works by artists employing a whole range of modern art styles in the form of individual guidance and common dialogue. The course will teach you to see and enjoy and make art.

Course Details

1/ Looking for inspiration – in art and in the world around us

2/ Appetizer with Matisse – on color and form

3/ From reality to dreams (Salvator Dalí, De Chirico, Glen Brown)

4/ Main course: transformation of painting (Picasso, Hockney, Lichtenstein)

5/ Passion or Moderation? From expression to minimalism, expression and concept: too much or too little?

6/ Not everything is what it seems to be. When a painting is different from what we see (Tansey, Guyton)

7/ And vice versa – everything is the way it should be (Oehlen, Wool)

8/ Dessert with celebrities: Warhol, Koons, Hirst

Available dates

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