Photographic Painting

Course description

The course focuses on the use of an extended method of photographic documentation through a mobile phone or a simple digital camera. Each participant will first take a picture of their own self-portrait (selfie), a still life of personal objects and a landscape or home environment. With the help of the tutor they will learn to create a suitable composition and choose the best shot, all while learn-ing the most important selection criteria. Together, they will then enlarge the photos to black and white prints or A3 Xerox format and stick them on the prepared canvas. Finally, the participants will complete these prints-paintings with watercolours or pastel. The outcome will be a creative triptych of paintings made by a special technology.

Course details

1/ self-portrait / still life using personal objects / scenery - home

a/ mobile phone or digital camera photography
b/ selection of the best composition
c/ selection of photographs for a future triptych

2/ enlarging of three black and white photographs to Xerox A3 and adjustment of Xerox on a 40 cm x 30 cm primed canvas

3/ colour completion of all canvases with triptych watercolour, pastel or other colours



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24.11.-08.12. 3500 Czk available

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