The basics of designing an apartment interior

Course description

This long-term course is meant for the more consistent individuals interested in the rules of working with apartment interiors. Under the leadership of an experienced architect and designer, the course participant will pass through an apartment space and gain knowledge and practical experience regarding style, spatial thinking, the relationships of individual components of the interior, and materials and light. Together with tutors, the participant will walk from one room to another, and during the practical part the participant will creates his or her own model of the interior on which he will learn to perfectly perceive the issues in this field and apply his or her knowledge in his or her own home.

Course details

1/ Environment
a/ Familiarization with the course content, b/ general information on the development of abodes, characteristics of space
c/ style and taste – what influences choice of style, selection principles, d/ history, development, trends

2/ Dimensions, scales, symbols
a/ from orientation to drawing, reading symbols, b/ dispositions, c/ front view, side view, plan view, axonometry, perspective

3/ Space in an apartment
a/ interior layout, b/ study of zone differentiation, c/ activities in the apartment, operation

4/ Furniture, a/ furniture, furniture components and their use, dimensions, b/ development of furniture, design, c/ personal priorities when making a choice, d/ furniture characteristics: desk, seating, laying, complementary – relationship and space requirements

5/ Materials
a/ relationship of material to the environment, b/ selection of material and its properties, c/ colour, structure, pattern – selection of material, d/ textiles in an apartment
a/ art objects, design solitaires as a natural part of life, b/ hanging picture, light object, sculpture and installation in apartment space, c/ decorations and collections d/ greenery in apartment

6/ Colour
a/ the principles of colour arrangement, b/ colour terminology, basics of the Goethe colour, itten and coloured circle, c/ influence of colours, light and shadow, d/ colour, space, illusion e/ colour contrasts; harmony and disharmony
a/ properties of light, b/ types of light, types of lamps and their functions, c/ lamps, light objects
d/ composition of light and an atypical set, e/ colour and modelling of space in room after room

7/ Room after room
Foyer, hall
a/ rules for the entrance and communication space of a house and apartment, b/ storage and stacking
Bathroom, toilet
a/ personal hygiene, hygiene of home operations, c/ operation and function, d/ sanitary fittings, selection of furniture and lighting 11/ kitchen and dining room, a/ selection of place, shape and arrangement, b/ preparation of food and storage, c/ dining, gathering, d/ dimensioning of furniture
Living room, children’s room, home study
a/ rules for the selection of place and style with respect to the type of work, b/ gathering of family and visitors, c/ space for relaxation, activities in apartment, individual priorities, d/ children’s room and activities of children in apartment, specifics of age, dimensions and selection of furniture
Bedroom, guest room
a/ rules for the place for regeneration, b/ separate bedroom, sleeping corner, c/ arrangement of furniture, storage spaces

8/ Practical part
Overall design
a/ practical guide to styles, b/ preparation of design and model, c/ checking of design and consultations

Available dates

There are no classes written up for this course at present.