The magnificence of paintings and intelligence of vision

Course description

The aim of this course, for those who are very demanding, is the deepening of the relationship to the magnificence of painting, understanding the peculiar intelligence of vision and initiation into some of the secrets of the craft. During the practical part of the course, based on their nature, visitors will learn different painting techniques. The course will teach participants to see “differently”, to understand what they see in pictures, but also beyond them, and to understand through their own feelings what is happening before our very eyes. The lecturer will find an “individual” painting technique for everyone, and the result will be a distinctive authorial painting by each participant.

Course details

1/ course introduction – opportunities and the beauty of vision
2/ painting techniques and their use – seeking form and themes
3-5/ work on own paintings, consultations
6/ completion and discussion – how our vision has changed

Available dates

There are no classes written up for this course at present.