The mystery of denim paintings

Course description

In this extraordinary course, participants will have the opportunity to learn a very specific “painting” technique using denim, developed by painter and lecturer Frantisek Matoušek for his artistic style. He has used this technique since the mid-1990s and his denim paintings are known worldwide. Trainees will of course not be able to master the wide range of complex techniques, but they will learn the basics through patience, and with the advice of the lecturer they will be able to create their own unique little painting. The technique involves extracting white thread from woven warp of denim cloth. This creates a dark line, and pulling more of the threads will then create a dark area. The painting is built from these areas – i.e. that it is preceded by a specific sketch on which the depiction is formed from the areas. The finished painting can then be complemented with a classic brush and paint.

Course details

1/ Introduction - explanations and demonstrations of the technique, creation of sketches based on a photograph or any still life
2/ adjustments of the denim cloth on the frame, transferring of sketches on denim, layout of specific areas, rules of shades and perspectives
3/ teaching of precise handwork using scissors, ripping methodology
4-6/ work on pulling the thread under individual guidance
7/ completion of work with cloth, modifications
8/ work with colours, completion of the painting


Available dates

There are no classes written up for this course at present.