The process is more than just the result

Course description

This course of drawing, in its rather experimental form, is intended for all of those who do not have the ambition to become professionals but are more interested in the process of creation itself and in the joy of something new. Both experienced tutors perceive drawing as a medium that allows for both quick gestural records and the lengthy creation of a classic painting. Throughout this scope there are also a variety of work assignments during the course wherein the tutors encourage an atmosphere of experimental approach and the search for new opportunities and practices through a game. The trainees will learn to perceive the game as a method for which a concrete result is not planned, but rather the creative process is preferred. The course includes an unusual assignment that will allow the participants to look at their surroundings in an unburdened way and without bias, at least for a moment.

Course details

1/ classical drawing and its overlaps
2/ drawing as a way to overcome obstacles
3/ automatic drawing, “blind” drawing
4/ what we can draw instead of us and why
5-6/ experimental drawing according to assignment
7/ a game as a principle of creativity
8/ conclusion with a surprise

Available dates

There are no classes written up for this course at present.