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Course description

The goal of the course focused on interior design is to familiarize the participants with a perspective of an interior which, as a priority, is based on the active intervention of its creator and reflects the personality and individuality of the user. This perspective of an interior has no ambition to challenge architectural rules or design icons. The basic element of building the intellectual essence of this perspective of an interior is the joy of creation, a game and the feeling of freedom. Participants will learn a new view of the relevant interior, in which they will apply their ideas and will be expertly-led to practices that really work. Each interior can have a completely different atmosphere, but no style is a dogma.

Course details

1/ The space in an apartment
(interior layout; the doctrine of zone differentiation, activities in an apartment, operation)
2/ Installation - detail composition in a space
(a spatial installation is not chaos; style and taste - what choice of style is influenced by, principles of selection; positively-aimed violations of principles; eclecticism, targeted disharmony, anti-style, anti-design; when trends are kitsch)
3/ Furniture - useful prop, apartment jewel, functional sculpture
(furniture, furniture components and their use, dimensions, characteristics of furniture: desk, seating, lying, complementary; storage spaces, personal priorities when making choices)
4/ Readymade, recycling art, IKEA hacker
(how to align the seemingly irreconcilable; how to make a solitaire from a global; a part of a whole and detail)
5/Materials with a hint of irony
(relationship of material to the environment; textiles in an apartment)
6/ Colour and light
(the principles of colour arrangement; colour terminology, the basics of Goethe colour, itten and colour circle; the influence of colours, light and shadow; colour, space, illusion; lamps, light objects
7/ Art and decoration
(what is a work of art and what is a decoration; art objects, design solitaires; placement of a hanging picture, object, sculpture or installations in an apartment; decorations and collections; greenery in an apartment)
8 / Conclusion
(consultations, discussion)


Available dates

There are no classes written up for this course at present.