Antonín Střížek

This painter, known for his idyllic landscapes and still lifes, graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. One of the truths that Střížek adheres to is that having the correct concept means everything for an artist: the artist can use it until the end of his or her life and continue to innovate it in a sophisticated way while always inspiring his or her viewers. In the late eighties, theorists labelled his expressions as Orbis Pictus and included his work in the continuation of the humanist tradition and the reform movements of Comenius. From big “ABC book” in which Střížek named banal things, events and places with his almost naïve-style paintings, the artist has made great strides towards an informed and more sophisticated world view. The artist shows us landscapes, still lifes, urban scenery, animals and everyday items, as if we should learn once again what they mean.
Anthony Střížek does so attractively despite not becoming a fashion manufacturer of sought-after goods. His paintings are represented in every major collection in the Czech Republic.